Seller Services

  • Prepare comprehensive property evaluation and provide opinion of value for the subject property
  • Complete market study and analytics relevant to current supply, demand and market trends
  • Manage risk prior to entering into a binding contract and throughout escrow
  • Identify the most significant features and benefits to emphasize in marketing and reinforce throughout negotiations
  • Provide detailed plan of how to market the subject property to qualified buyers
  • Advertise the subject property to the real estate community and qualified buyers
  • Facilitate access for qualified buyers to view and evaluate the subject property
  • Qualify potential buyers, co-operative brokers, lenders and evaluate the feasibility of proposed financing
  • Anticipate deal killers prior to executing a contract
  • Structure mutually agreeable terms and negotiate binding purchase and sale agreement in writing
  • Introduce supporting service professionals to facilitate, inspections, remediation estimates, escrow, and specialty services
  • Create solutions and negotiate compromise with all parties involved in escrow
  • Unconditionally co-operate with the real estate community and the buying public

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